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Jim Harris Coloring Pages
Pages of Koala Bears!  Birds!  Funny Animals!  And more!

Here are some sketches that I used in making my picture books that you can print out and color (or paint.)  They’re like regular coloring book pages... except they started out as real picture-book designs!  And they’re full of funny little animals, which I hope you’ll enjoy coloring. 

I've purposely left these coloring pages light, without a lot of dark lines intruding on your color scheme.  If you like a darker edge, you can use your pencil or crayon to darken the outlines of each object.  I do that on most of my paintings, and it really brings things into focus.  It’s an old illustrator trick.

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The Trouble with Cauliflower

The Trouble With Cauliflower book cover. Mort the koala bear really, really, REALLY doesn’t want to eat his cauliflower!  Illustrated by Jim Harris.

‘Wet Paint’ Coloring page of Mort the Koala Bear and wet paint.  A sketch for the back cover of a children’s book.

Wet Paint

‘Sadie’s Stew’  Coloring page of Mort the Koala Bear with his good friend Sadie the Bird.  Mouse follows on his bicycle.

Sadie's Stew

 ‘Driving Exam’  Coloring page of Mort the Koala Bear having a car crash during his driving exam.

Driving Exam

‘Mortimer Calls the Plumber’ Coloring page of a duck plumber fixing Mort the Koala Bear’s toilet.  Mouse is about to push the toilet handle!

Mortimer Calls The Plumber

‘House in the Tree’ Coloring page of a tree house picnic at Mort the Koala Bear’s house.

House in the Tree

‘Mortimer’ Coloring page of Mort the Koala Bear, hero of the children’s book, The Trouble With Cauliflower.


‘Mortimer Checks His Mail’  Coloring Page of a koala bear checking his mail box with his friend Mouse.

Mortimer Checks His Mail


The Whistle Pig Wrangler

The Whistle Pig Wrangler book cover.  William the Whistle Pig foils the rustlers… and proves he’s big enough to be a real rootin’ tootin’ cowboy!  Illustrated by Jim Harris.

‘William and Pinto Bean’  Coloring Page of a cowboy and his horse.

William and Pinto Bean

‘William in the Looking Glass’  Coloring Page of a whistle-pig cowboy looking in the mirror.

William in the Looking Glass

‘Ambush’ Coloring Page of coyote rustlers ready to attack a ranch.


Jacques and de Beanstalk
Jacques and de Beanstalk book cover.  Another Cajun fairytale in the popular Mike Artell / Jim Harris picture book series.

‘The Giant’ Coloring Page of the giant from a Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale.

The Giant

‘The Giant’s Wife’ Coloring Page of the giant’s lovely wife… from the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale.

The Giant's Wife

‘Jacques’ Coloring Page from a sketch for Jacques, the hero of the Cajun Jacques and de Beanstalk fairy tale.


‘Giant Biker’  Coloring Page of a giant riding a bike, from the endpapers of Jacques and de Beanstalk, a Cajun fairy tale.

Giant Biker

‘Jacques’ MaMa’  Coloring Page of a Cajun lady, from an original sketch by Jim Harris for the Cajun fairy tale, Jacques and de Beanstalk.

Jacques' Mama

Slim and Miss Prim
Slim and Miss Prim book cover.  A cowboy love story (and kidnap tale) for kids.  Illustrated by Jim Harris.

‘Cowboy Slim’  Coloring Page of a cowboy.

Cowboy Slim

‘Lee the Rustler’  Coloring Page of a rustler.

Lee, the Rustler

‘Slim’ Coloring page of a cowboy in a ten-gallon hat.


‘Slim and Miss Prim’  Coloring page of a cowboy and a pretty lady.

Slim and Miss Prim

‘Lee’s Rustlers’  Coloring page of horses and cowboys… gone bad.

Lee's Rustlers

‘Miss Prim’  Coloring page of an elegant old-fashioned lady.

Miss Prim

Petite Rouge Red Riding Hood
Petite Rouge, A Cajun Red Riding Hood book cover.  A fractured fairytale from the swamps of Louisisana.  Illustrated by Jim Harris.

‘Grand-mere’  Coloring page of a duck in bed, from the Cajun fairy tale, Petite Rouge.


‘Petite Rouge’  Coloring page of a duck with a basket – Petite Rouge herself!

Petite Rouge

‘Grand-mere’s House’  Coloring page of an old house in the Louisiana swamp.

Grand-mere's House

‘House on the Bayou’  Coloring page of a house.

House on the Bayou

‘A Basket for Grand-mere’  Coloring page of two ducks from the Cajun fairy tale, Petite Rouge.

A Basket For Grand-mere

Three Little Cajun Pigs
Three Little Cajun Pigs book cover.  More Cajun hilarity from the Mike Artell / Jim Harris duo.

‘Poor Ol’ Gator’  Coloring Page of an alligator putting a band-aid on his tail, from the Cajun fairy tale, Three Little Cajun Pigs.

Poor Ol' Gator

Other Coloring Pages

‘Mouse Pirate’ coloring page of a mouse, by children’s artist Jim Harris.

Mouse Pirate

‘Belenda Bunny’ coloring page of a rabbit, by children’s artist Jim Harris.

Belenda Bunny

‘Mouse Pirate II’ coloring page of a pirate, by children’s artist Jim Harris.

Mouse Pirate II

‘Beach Lizard’ coloring page of a lizard, from The Lizard Who Followed Me Home, illustrated by Jim Harris.

Beach Lizard

‘Red Riding Hood’ coloring page from the classic fairy tale illustrated by Jim Harris.

Red Riding Hood

‘Berry Bear’ coloring page of a bear.

Berry Bear

‘Davey Jones’ Coloring page of a mouse dressed like a sailor.  Or is that a rat???

Davey Jones

‘Peg-Leg’ Coloring page of a mouse sailor with a barrel of apples.


‘Esther the Elephant’  Coloring Page of an elephant

Esther the Elephant


Print copies from this page for yourself, your students and your family to color and paint.  For other uses, please contact art@jimharrisillustrator.com for permission.


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