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Take a sneak peek at the new Cajun characters Jim Harris is creating for the latest Cajun fairy tale:  Jacques and de Beanstalk.

Print out some coloring pages from original pencil sketches for Jim Harris picture books.  Have fun coloring or painting a real-life picture-book sketch.

Meet the puppies from Jim Harris’s brand new wiggly-eyeball book, Ten Little Puppies.


Two-Piece Number Puzzles

From Jim Harris Picture Books

Two-piece number puzzles to make learning easy and fun!
Print as many number puzzles as you can use.  Cut each puzzle in half on the dotted line... and you’re ready to play!
Beginning students will enjoy fitting individual puzzles together.   More experienced “puzzlers” will like scrambling two or three  puzzles together and then matching puzzle-pairs by counting the dogs... or by finding interlocking shapes... or both!

Easy to use 7.5”x5.5” puzzles.  Print, trim to desired border size, then cut into two pieces along the dotted line.  Use puzzles individually to build hand-eye coordination,  or shuffle several puzzle pairs together for a matching and counting challenge. 

Easy (Two Piece) Number Puzzle One -  1 German Shepherd Dog Easy (Two Piece) Number Puzzle Two – 2 Border Collie Dogs

Easy (Two Piece) Number Puzzle Three – 3 Yorkshire Terrier Dogs Easy (Two Piece) Number Puzzle Four – 4 Poodle Dogs

Easy (Two Piece) Number Puzzle Five – 5 Newfoundland Dogs Easy (Two Piece) Number Puzzle Six – 6 Irish Setter Dogs

Easy (Two Piece) Number Puzzle Seven – 7 Husky Dogs Easy (Two Piece) Number Puzzle Eight – 8 Dalmatian Dogs

Easy (Two Piece) Number Puzzle Nine – 9 Beagle Dogs Easy (Two Piece) Number Puzzle Ten – 10 Dachshund Dogs

For more fun:  Matching number flashcards and bulletin board images with art from Jim Harris children’s books.


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