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Activities for Kids from Jim Harris books.

Meet the hilarious Cajun characters from Jim Harris’s latest fairy tale illustrations… for Jacques and de Beanstalk.

Ten Little Puppies

Ten Little Puppies

Ten Little Puppies

Baby Bulldog from Ten Little Puppies

New From Jim & Marian Harris… a puppy counting book!

Ten Little Puppies are getting into mischief… 


Border collies roping at the rodeo…

‘No more sheep dogs at the rodeo!”  Border collie puppy from the children’s counting book, Ten Little Puppies.

Dalmatians dousing the fire chief’s favorite truck…

And Huskies bumping into snowdrifts high on the ski slopes…

‘No more sled-dogs skiing in the snow!”  Husky puppy from the children’s counting book, Ten Little Puppies.

Silly puppies are getting into scrapes everywhere! 

Out for a sail are the Beagle bunch,

‘Beagles, Sailing on the Sea.”  Beagle puppies from the children’s book, Ten Little Puppies.

And  having a little trouble with her rappelling technique is Poodle!

‘Poodle, Out in Space.”  Poodle puppy from the children’s counting book Ten Little Puppies.

But after all the puppies are rescued … 

Who could THAT be -- causing so much trouble for the mailman???

If you’ve owned a puppy that isn’t any breed at all, you know the answer! And you won’t be one bit surprised when Mutt peeks out!

‘Mutt Peeks Out’  Mutt puppy from Ten Little Puppies.

For a rollicking trip through the world of adorable puppies, share Ten Little Puppies with a dog-loving friend today.


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