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Jim Harris Announces…

‘Jacques’ from Jacques and de Beanstalk, a Cajun fairy tale illustrated by Jim Harris.

Jacques and de Beanstalk
A Cajun Tale written by Mike Artell
and illustrated by Jim Harris

Available at bookstores NOW!!!


Yoo Hoo!!!   Here comes the third book in the hilarious Cajun fairytale series written by Mike Artell (and illustrated by me.)

At LAST… I can tell you all about this book… since it’s finally officially on sale!

Firstly, I would like to present… Jacques heading off to market with his MaMa’s cow…

‘Jacques Sells the Cow’ from Jacques and de Beanstalk, a new Cajun fairy tale from Mike Artell and Jim Harris.

You will notice that Jacques is wearing his paintbrush behind his ear.  This is the approved sign-painters (and children’s book illustrator’s) paintbrush storage method.  It also attracts women.  My wife first noticed how unbelievably cute I was when she saw me wearing a paintbrush behind my ear.  (She was young and impressionable… but, hey, it worked!)

And here is Jacques, fresh from an amazing transaction with a mysterious peddler, counting his precious beans… 1,2,3,4,5…

‘Jacques Counts the Beans’ from Jacques and de Beanstalk, the Cajun-style Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale, illustrated by Jim Harris.

Sometimes people wonder how I come up with such elegant hair-do’s for my characters.  Mostly I just pull out my first- and second-grade school photos and I’m on my way.  Other times I have to get my kids to photograph my breakfast persona as a reference.  That works pretty well, too.

And, here is what Jacques’ Cajun MaMa thinks of those beans…


‘MaMa Throws Out the Magic Beans’ from Jacques and de Beanstalk, a fairy tale illustrated by Jim Harris.

Well… to find out what happens down on the bayou when you throw out dem beans… get yourself a copy of Jacques and de Beanstalk., and read right t’roo to dem very end.


Happy reading, mon ami!


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